What you can expect at your local Farmer’s Market

Hey everybody! Hope you all are enjoying our newly renovated website! Market season is only a couple weeks away now and I just wanted to take a minute to write a little bit about what you can expect at your local Farmer’s Market. When you show up to market and see all those colorful fruits and veggies what you are actually seeing is the product of a lot of time and energy that has been put into each and every piece of produce you see. Hardworking farmers have spent the better part of a year planning, planting, caring for, and harvesting your dinner. These are the same people who happily greet you with “Good Morning” at 7 am (even though their day began hours before the sun), and who proudly sell you the same produce they eat and feed to their families. See a vegetable you’re not familiar with? Ask. The vendors are happy to tell you what it is, and their favorite ways to prepare it! We also enjoy hearing your favorite recipes and tips! Forgot to stop by the ATM? No biggie. . . we, as well as most vendors accept credit cards! Most markets are now able to run credit/debit cards and distribute market tokens for those vendors that do not accept cards. There are also many special events held at markets from kids activities to live cooking demos. So check out your local Farmer’s Market websites or Facebook, make plans to bring the kids or meet up with friends, and make your weekly grocery shopping a fun experience your family can look forward to.

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