Take Your Child To Work Day

Last Thursday was national take your child to work day. While my son wanted to participate, his experience may have been a little different than that of  some of his classmates. You see while they were at their parents’ jobs they may not regularly visit, my son was working on the family farm, just as he is used to doing in the summer and on weekends. He spent the morning helping flush irrigation lines, leach bags, and checking lead hoses in the greenhouse. He helped carry out a diseased plant that needed to be removed, prepared trays for transplants & watered some basil plants. Since this was a “special” day he also learned some new things, too. He learned how the greenhouse computer panel works, (which switches control the irrigation for which rows, etc.) and how to use the shut off valves on the rows inside the greenhouse. The actual work he did was broken up by chasing birds outside, playing with dirt and building a “frog trap” (which really just consisted of a bunch of random junk he found and put together inside a puddle).  And that was all before lunch!  As I write this I can’t help but wonder how his classmates spent their days at work with their parents. Did they learn anything they will use again? Were they able to sneak off and just enjoy being a kid on a nice day? Did they get to learn about the hard work and dedication it takes to run a family business? My son did. He may not have realized it because it’s something he’s just used to, but he sees his family members at work all the time. Not a set forty hours a week, but nights, weekends, holidays, and sleepovers with the grandparents.  For him going to the farm still means he gets to hang out with family and play outside in the dirt. What he doesn’t realize yet, are all the life lessons he is learning at the same time.

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