Asparagus Season is Here

Last week brought our first full week of asparagus picking. Asparagus can shoot up very quickly, especially in warm, sunny weather. This means you can find us every single morning walking up and down rows of asparagus breaking off stalks. We break them off where they naturally snap for a couple different reasons. First, snapping off the stalks is better for our crop, if we were to cut the stalks we could risk disease transmission via the knife. Secondly, this makes for happier customers! We aren’t selling you the woody, tough part of the asparagus, leaving you with just the juicy, tender pieces. (This has already led to some very happy repeat customers after just two market weeks now!) Picking asparagus is an easy job, even though last week’s storms turned it into a very MUDDY job for a few days! Once we pick the asparagus we put it in buckets with a little bit of water at the bottom and put it in our 55 degree cooler. This helps us keep it as fresh as possible for our customers. With last Saturday’s opening of the Leavenworth Farmer’s Market 2018 season, you can now find us at the Leavenworth AND Parkville Farmer’s Markets this weekend! So don’t forget to come see us for some yummy asparagus! Can’t wait to see you there!

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